The Shopping Angels Story

What started with a local social media post turned into a worldwide movement.

Our Mission

Shopping Angels is a program designed to provide services to those deemed especially at-risk to coronavirus. Our mission is to help ease the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear of those most at-risk by providing safe and healthy delivery of groceries and essential items. This way, our clients are able to stay within the safety of their own home at no additional cost.


In the middle of March 2020 college students across the country were making plans to return home for spring break. Jayde Powell, a senior pre-medical student at the University of Nevada, was one of these students. While waiting at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, the twenty-year-old Honors student put together some social media posts and shared the news with her friends, family, and peers. Free delivery of essential items for at-risk individuals.

Enlisting the help of her college peers, Shopping Angels began serving seniors in the Reno and Las Vegas communities. However, the mission and values of the rapidly developing organization resonated in the hearts of people across the country. People from the surrounding states, and even those thousands of miles away, began writing in and asking one single question: How can we help?

And your desire to give back to our vulnerable communities did not go unnoticed. Someone wrote to us and asked for a place to donate, so we created our official GoFundMe page. Within weeks, we had raised tens of thousands of dollars in support of this cause.

Because of the dedication and motivation of volunteers across the world, this has grown into something bigger than we ever could have imagined. Shopping Angels is now a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with branches across the country and in Canada and Australia. Shopping Angels has received outpouring support from individuals in Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, and Brazil. 

The vaccinations for coronavirus are being distributed as we speak, so you may be wondering… what is next? Even though we’ve accomplished so much in so little time, there is still work to be done. There are many individuals who still have a difficult time leaving their homes. There are many who receive medical treatments or procedures that require them to remain homebound. There will always be a need, and that’s what Shopping Angels is here to address.

Traditional Services

Our traditional services allow our at-risk clients to receive delivery of groceries and essentials. Clients reimburse the volunteer for the amount as seen on the receipt, and they are given the receipt to keep for their records. No additional delivery fees, tips, or gas money is required!

Financial Aid

For those who are having difficulty affording their essentials at this time, you may request financial assistance. Our sponsored deliveries are funded via national funds or directed donations from our wonderful Sponsor Angels. Priority funding is given to those who are seniors.

Community Partnerships

Our State Coordinators work tirelessly to create and maintain healthy partnerships with food banks and other local organizations so that we can still provide food to those in need. Community partnerships will vary by state. You may contact your state’s branch to receive more information!

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