in the USA or internationally!

if you are located in the United States…

We are lucky to have received nationwide support from the United States! We now have a branch in every state in the country. Please visit this page to fill out our form to volunteer, and be sure to indicate the capacity in which you would like to do so!

Some local branches still want (and sometimes need) help coordinating and organizing things on a statewide level. If this is something you are interested in, please contact your local state coordinator! You can find the state’s contact information using the interactive map on our Where We Serve page.

if you are located in another country…

We currently operate in Canada and Australia, but we are always looking to help more people through expansion! If you are interested in starting a local branch in your country, please let Kendall know by e-mailing

Why start a branch of Shopping Angels in my country? This program began as a local initiative to help people in two cities – Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. It has now become an international movement. Over the past few weeks, we have been told by countless people that this is a service that is very needed, even after the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a risk. Chances are, there are people in your country that could use these services as well, and we want to support you in this as well!

What if my country has placed strict limitations on leaving my home? Some countries severely restrict a volunteer’s ability to leave the home. If you are in a country that is in such a situation, we would still love to hear if you are interested in operating once the restrictions are lifted. 

What does this role entail?

If you are interested in operating/starting a local branch of Shopping Angels, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get things up and going. All branches, including national and state coordinators, undergo a training with our Chief Coordinating Officer, Chief Expansion Officer, and/or Chief Operating Officer to receive the necessary resources to successfully coordinate locally.

Being a national coordinator is quite a busy – but rewarding – job to undertake. Every country is significantly different in terms of legal guidelines, so being a national coordiator may require you to do some research into legal limitations placed on a volunteer organization/not-for-profit in your country. Some of our branches have received pro-bono legal advice to assist in this process.

Being a coordinator, whether it be nationally or on a statewide level, will also require community outreach. This may include reaching out to local food banks and other organizations to partner with, contacting local news/media companies to recruit volunteers, and/or printing advertisements and distributing them to locations (i.e. grocery stores) for viewing.

Another main role of a coordinator is, well, coordinating! Depending on the need in your state/country, the board members that help train you will either show you a manual way to manipulate spreadsheets to pair volunteers or clients, or they will train you on how to use various applications to help automate the process little by little.