to Shopping Angels, Inc.

We started this program in March, with no intention of starting a fundraiser. Amazingly, we received several requests to direct people to a page that accepts monetary donations. We started this GoFundMe with the intial goal of raising $100 for the locals in Las Vegas and Reno. Quickly, it expanded well beyond our wildest expectations – now, having raised over $40,000 and encompassing over 7,000 volunteers globally, we’ve come to realize that we can put some of this money to long-term operations to continue serving people in need well beyond the COVID-19 crisis. 

Along with this unexpected growth, we have encountered unexpected costs. Although we are still working on finalizing details and establishing ourselves as a volunteer program, we need several things to do so – application systems to match, track and organize recipients, fees for filing non-profit paperwork, potentially providing a background/screening process, ways to recognize our volunteers, and perhaps offering financial assistance, if we are able to do so fairly and sustainably.

Until we gain a better understanding of our long-term funding and the costs associated with our operations, we are starting a new branch of our program to match Sponsor Angels to clients in need. This program will allow you, as a donor, to pay for a recipient’s groceries and other items that they cannot afford.

Donate commonly requested items to recipients in need near you!

Do you want to donate to Shopping Angels on a local level? Please visit this page to coordinate local donations with the state coordinator(s)! Each area is unique, but some commonly requested items across the board include paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc.), distilled and bottled water, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and packaged food items.

Sponsor someone in need, within your state – or across the country.

As a Sponsor Angel, you are able to help pay for someone’s groceries and other essentials. You can be a Sponsor Angel in addition to coordinating/delivering for Shopping Angels – just be sure to register as a Shopping Angel volunteer and a Sponsor Angel!

If you would like to sponsor someone you know, please use the Requesting Services form to do so!

If you would like to sponsor someone you know, please use the Requesting Services form to do so!

Help fund the program’s operations as a developing international organization, and a 501c3 in progress.