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Shopping Angels is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing free delivery services to our seniors, individuals with disabilities, and patients undergoing healthcare recovery.

our journey

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Our Journey

When college student Jayde Powell was on her way home for spring break amidst the coronavirus pandemic, nobody could have guess that the pandemic would continue having an impact on society for years to come. While there were so many unknowns during this time period, there was one thing that Jayde knew – she wanted to help, in whatever way she could.

She recruited dozens of her peers and friends from the University of Nevada to help deliver groceries to local seniors and immunocompromised persons. What began as a local effort to help a few people quickly expanded to encompass over six thousand volunteers across the nation, even hitting international efforts in Australia and Canada.

Within a week, she had received countless emails, messages, and phone calls from volunteers and clients alike. People across the country were drawn to this vision, this mission, of helping those who are especially at-risk during an unprecedented time. And even today, so many people are in need of such a service – of having some way to acquire food and other necessities without putting themselves at extreme risk.


Shopping Angels: Today

As the pandemic continued, our society became more accustomed to this new, post-pandemic lifestyle. Restrictions were lessened so that we could return to something close to normalcy. Masks have become a standard addition to some career fields, various vaccines have become available to the public, and precautions have been taken to help mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

Over the past two and a half years, we have loved getting to know our volunteers across the world who were dedicating their time and efforts to those more vulnerable than themselves. Your time, your energy, your willingness to drive dozens of miles just to deliver groceries to another person – we are so incredibly thankful for your service. We will forever be grateful for each of our volunteers, including those who registered but may not have delivered groceries yet.

Though we would love to keep each and every one of our volunteers, many have had their regular commitments returning in full-force. 

Although the need is very great, even today – we are unfortunately unable to guarantee the same quality of services to our clients. In order to maintain transparency and acommodate the change in volunteer availability: As of February 2022, we are no longer able to coordinate consistent grocery delivery.

Instead, we have turned our vision towards an area we can assist with, regardless of our volunteer numbers – assisting with financial aid towards groceries and other necessities. We are still actively working on distributing the thousands of dollars we raised through grassroots funding, and working with clients across the country.

The financial strain and burden the world has felt amidst the pandemic is very real, and we are honored to be able to alleviate this strain in a small way.

You can learn more about the donation process, and how our funds are distributed, in the below sections.

The Financial Aid Process

We are continuously doing our best to distribute our funds in an equitable and fair manner to those who have requested assistance over the years. Ever since we started fundraising, our funds have been distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority given to seniors (55+).

Over seven thousand people across the country have requested financial aid through our request form. We aim to help as many people as possible – but given our limited funding, we cannot guarantee that every request will be met with financial aid. We are working through the requests, starting with the earliest requests and working our way towards present day. 

In order to receive financial aid, you must respond to our organization’s communications within three weeks. We will send two (2) emails and make one (1) phone call for each client when you have been confirmed to receive aid. However, due to our limited funds and high volume of requests, we cannot keep the funds reserved for you beyond three weeks. Failure to respond to communications will result in forfeiture of your aid, which will be awarded to the next eligible client on our request form.

We use the information provided on our request form to determine whether there is a grocery chain near you, for which we could purchase a gift card. We also consider the use of third-party delivery services that could bring your groceries to your door. This process is a personalized and case-by-case basis, and it does take time to work through our requests. We greatly appreciate your time and patience as we work on distributing our funds.

Shopping Angels Leadership: Where We Are

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